"Do You Know How To Use This Weapon?"


I am enjoying this.

The GNU Health solution this lady from Argentina is talking about has to be the best advertisement for FLOSS I have heard yet.

And yes – I am enjoying the visuals. I would be a bare faced liar if I said otherwise…

Also this



win32-loader (Debian)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

win32-loader is a component of the Debian Linux distribution that runs on Windows and has the ability to load the actual Debian installer either from the network (as in the version used in from the official website) or from CD-ROM media (as in the version included in Squeeze CD images).

win32-loader was born as an independent project, for which only the network version was available. Later the code went through a long review and polishing process to become part of the official Debian distribution.

Similar projects


So I finally got around to spinning up a VPS. I got a $US10 promo credit from Jupiter Broadcasting and I now have a barebones Debian Wheezy box at Digital Ocean. The promo code is snapapril if anyone else wants to use it.

So far I’ve done the basics – set up a SSH key, created a user account and installed htop, Midnight Commander, Links and Tor. There will be no X11 because that would be SILLY.

VPN funsies to come when I get around to creating a machine based in the U.S.

The one I have now is in Singapore because a) it’s geographically closer and b) it’s not the U.S.

This has been ridiculously easy so far.


I just had to download a load of GStreamer stuff because I couldn’t play some *.wma files in Clementine.

I know – these are the things that make the Baby Stallman cry. Whatever.

Anyway my ProjectM visualisations now work properly. Which KICKS UNHOLY ARSE because the album I wanted to play in *.wma is Blood Ceremony’s self titled release. I’ve been making do with GNU XaoS on 0.25 auto zoom for visualisations while ProjectM hasn’t been working. Fractals are awesome so that was pretty cool – but it’s nice to have some blinkenlights that dance properly.

If you haven’t heard of Blood Ceremony think early ’70s Sabbath/Tull/Pentagram. I prefer the old stuff frankly but they do a pretty good rehash of it – fat doomy guitars, occult lyrics, Ian Anderson flute riffs and all, but with female vocals.

That bloody jacket.

I love the thing but it was a nuisance again today.

I was on my way back up Queen St from the supermarket with a bag full of groceries and really not feeling my best when someone tapped the small of my back. I took my headphones off – I think it was Insect Warfare that got interrupted and turned around. A young polynesian lady looked up at me from not too much higher than my belt buckle. She was a pretty thing wearing black with a red plaid shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you busy?”

“Are you going somewhere?”

I stood there like an idiot for a moment and then said “Well yes actually – I’m on my way home”.

“OK” she said as I put my headphones back on and went on my way.

I suspect the young lady wanted me to buy booze or cigarettes for her. Something about my appearance… I dunno. I’d had a rotten night’s sleep and I was running low on blood sugar so I was concentrating on getting home.

I’ll write that off as another potentially interesting encounter I missed out on.

Then when I was three quarters of the way home a young Maori guy dressed in what I suspect now were Black Power colours (Bulls singlet, black shorts and black sneakers) stopped me.

“Excuse me mister – where did you get your jacket?”

I was dead on my feet by that point so I said something about having bought it twenty years ago – which is approximately true.

“Choice jacket bro” he said.

“Cheers” said I – and concentrated even harder on getting home.

I need to sleep properly or get more fit or something. Then I won’t miss out on good opportunities to socialise.

There Is No Midget Porn Here.

Here There Is No Midget Porn.

Got the message? Good.

This blog has been getting hits from Google searches for this shit.

I generally try to avoid expletives on this blog but I am making an exception here.



I’m sure there is a helpful undercover law enforcement officer waiting for you in Onion Space with some hard candy flavoured handcuffs.

The internet has done it again. Weird weird and more weird.

There’s Something Awfully Familiar About This.

BLIT: an early Windowed Graphic Interface from Bell Labs – AT&T Archives

Published on 28 Aug 2012

See more from the AT&T Archives at http://techchannel.att.com/archives

The Blit (originally named the Jerq!) was an early graphical user interface, connected to a UNIX computer. Inspired by the Xerox Alto from the early 1970s, creators Rob Pike and Bart Locanthi wanted to make a graphics machine for use at Bell Labs that would have the usability of the Xerox, but with the processing power of a 1981 computer. Created using a Motorola microprocessor instead of a Bell one, the machine would be retooled for the commercial market (business market, because it was still expensive) as the AT&T 5620, which came out in 1984 — using a Western Electric WE32000 microprocessor. The Blit had a vertically-oriented display and an early mouse peripheral; this video explains how it worked.

Footage Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

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